Treat Selections

Prices per dozen:


-$30 Milk/White Chocolate

-$45 Cheesecake-stuffed

-$45 Infused

-$35 Custom colored or themed


-$90 Milk/White Chocolate

-$110 Toppings added/Custom-

colored/Pecans/Cookie crumbles/Chocolate

chips/Caramel/Strawberry Shortcake Crumble

Apple Slices-Marshmallow Pops-Pretzel Sticks-Oreos

-$30 Milk/White Chocolate

-$45 Toppings added

Cake Pops/Cake-cicles

-$50 White/Milk Chocolate

-$70+ Colored or themed

Bundt Cakes

-$30 Large 10”, $15 Medium 7”, $7 Mini 5”

(Toppings: strawberry, peach, pineapple,

milk/white chocolate)(Flavors: Red velvet, peach

cobbler, strawberry, chocolate, German chocolate)


-Prices may vary.

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